Meeting of September 17, 2013

Bob Hubbs on “Was Grant surprised at Shiloh?”

Battle of Shiloh by Thure de Thulstrup (Wikipedia)

Bob answered some provocative questions:

  • Shiloh – the horrible experience during which Grant became a general, and Lincoln is elevated to Commander-in–Chief – How so?
  • Grant and his trial by fire – What happened to him?
  • Shiloh, the never expected, the least understood, and the most painful experience of the American Civil War – Why?
  • Shiloh – the battle with more myths and less facts than any major killing of American soldiers – How can this be?

Bob Hubbs was raised in Fulton County, Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. He is the great, great grandson of four soldiers of four Illinois Civil War regiments. He is an active member of the South Bay CWRT, Peninsula CWRT, and San Francisco CWRT, and the Ulysses S. Grant Association and Friends of Civil War Alcatraz. Bob has participated at 14 of the last 15 West Coast Civil War Conferences.  He’s Pro Union, Pro Grant, Pro Lincoln, or as he has been called “A damn Yankee”!