Monthly Archives: June 2022

Meeting of August 16, 2022

Tom Roza on “Wisconsin and the Civil War”

(Tom’s presentation has been postponed until the September 20 meeting.)

Every state in America came to be involved in the Civil War. In the years leading up to the Civil War, Wisconsin was strongly abolitionist. Then during the war, Wisconsin men and women made important military and economic contributions that became crucial to the Union winning the war. Tom Roza, a Wisconsin native, will retrace his home state’s history, then describe the part Wisconsin played in the Civil War.

Tom Roza has been a student of history for over 60 years. His interest in history in general and the Civil War began with his elementary education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has evolved ever since. As an officer and the Secretary of the South Bay Civil War Roundtable, Tom has made numerous presentations on the topic of the Civil War to both his Roundtable organization and other historical organizations in the Bay Area. Tom is also a published author of the book entitled Windows to the Past: A Virginian’s Experience in the Civil War, which has been accepted by the Library of Congress into its Catalog; Tom is currently working on a sequel entitled Lost Cause – Justice Found.

Meeting of July 19, 2022

Abby Eller on “Canada and the Civil War”

It may surprise you to learn that our neighbor to the north was impacted by the Civil War and its aftermath in several different ways. Come join us at our July meeting and find out!

Abby Eller, an enthusiastic amateur history buff, is currently the president of the Peninsula Civil War Round Table. She is endlessly fascinated by how many ways the Civil War impacted not only the course of American history, but influenced the history of other countries as well.

Meeting of June 21, 2022

Alan J. Sissenwein on “Judson ‘Kill Cavalry’ Kilpatrick: One of the Worst Civil War Generals”

The Civil War produced some of our nation’s greatest heroes. Union general Judson “Kill Cavalry” Kilpatrick, a cavalryman, was not one of them. As a battlefield commander he was abysmal; as a human being he was repugnant. Nevertheless he was part of Civil War history. Alan will chronicle the life and misdeeds of one of the Civil War’s worst generals and greatest scoundrels.

Alan Sissenwein has been a longtime active member, and is now vice president of, the South Bay Civil War Round Table. He is currently writing the second draft of a non-fiction book on the Battle of Fredericksburg.