About Us

The Peninsula Civil War Round Table is the San Francisco Peninsula’s own Round Table. Founded in 1972, the PCWRT is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and preservation of America’s Civil War era history. You are welcome to join us on the third Tuesday of each month to hear noted historians and authors speak on various topics related to the War and other history topics.


Annual membership dues are $25.00 for individuals. Married couples may both become annual members with a single payment of $35.00. Checks should be made payable to PCWRT and mailed to PCWRT, 1471 Woodberry Ave., San Mateo, CA 94403.

Current Officers

Office Name Phone Email
President Abby Eller 650-690-6086 aeller@nor-calmoving.com
Vice President Howard Jones 650-572-0461 howardandcathy@hotmail.com
Secretary Joan Larrabee 650-494-2108 joan.larrabee.17@gmail.com
Treasurer Ken Miscow 650-349-1505 miskowken@att.net
Program Director Ken Habeeb 650-455-5564 kenh@coastside.net
Webmaster Hal Jespersen 650-549-4572 hlj@posix.com

Past Presidents

2019 Abigail L. Eller
2011 Howard Jones
2010 Robert Asnard
2009 Fineman/Day/Jones
2008 Alex Feinman
2007 Walter R. Day
2006 Howard Jones
2005 William Tate
2004 Ted Stahr, Jr.
2003 John Cuddeback
2002 Robert Sweeney
2001 Ted Stahr, Jr.
2000 T. Robert Blair
1999 Jack Leathers
1998 Cap Offutt
1997 Howard Hansell
1996 George Sundby
1995 Ray Phillips
1994 Bill Train
1993 Bill Jackson
1992 Ted Stivers
1991 John Beahrs
1990 Don McDonald
1989 Al Lowe
1988 Don Kellet
1987 Fielding McDearmon
1986 Carl Reebock
1985 Paul Beveridge
1984 Jack McDonald
1983 Edgar Guilford
1982 Frank Colohan
1981 Bill Test
1980 Perry Stratton
1979 Jim Nudelman
1978 Bill Raitt
1977 Charlie Mills
1976 Frank Reese
1975 Franklin West
1974 Frank Spurlock
1973 Elmer Miller