Meeting of October 17, 2023

Dana Lombardy on “An Alternative Look at Gettysburg”

The Battle of Gettysburg, together with the capture of Vicksburg in July 1863, became the major turning point of the Civil War. How Gettysburg was fought and why it turned out as it did, is widely discussed and debated to this day, and likely will be for years to come. Historian Dana Lombardy will present his viewpoint, then address our questions and comments.

Starting with The American Heritage History of the Civil War, Dana has been interested in Civil War history since 1962. Dana has also been a wargame and model builder enthusiast since his teen years. While in college, he and his friends formed a wargame and military history magazine publishing company. By now Dana has published scores of games, magazines and videos; some of these have been award winners. He is also the published author of several books including Historic Photos of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Grant Rising, and Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Army. He is currently researching and documenting the war in the Ukraine.

A selection of Dana’s games, books and magazines will be available for sale at the October meeting.